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Our Mission


Vida Nueva is Spanish for "New Life". It is a three-day non co-ed weekend retreat for 15-20 year old young men and women spanning Friday evening through Sunday evening.  You will spend a weekend of living in community with other Christians.

Vida Nueva embodies personal witness, but is not a revival meeting. It involves group dynamics, but is not group therapy, nor is it in any way made to change a person, that is God's job. The weekend uses Christian instruction, but is not a church school; it is a time to sit back and relax with God. 

Vida Nueva has many follow-up activities, but is not a church substitute.

Who we are video...


We invite you to take a few minutes to watch this video produced by three Young Men from different Vida Nueva Communities here in the Southeastern US. 


This short video contains testimonies from both Young Men and Women who have attended Vida Nueva and how their lives were changed!


And even a bit of history about Vida Nueva as well.




We currently conduct a Young Men's and a Young Women's weekends twice a year. 


One set of weekends in the Spring (March-April) and the other set in the Fall (Oct-Nov) time frames.


The Young Men's and Woman's weekends are held separately usually on back to back weekends.


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Upcoming Dates


Georgia Mountains VN is proud to announce the upcoming 2019Weekends: 

GMVN 50 for Young Ladies: Director: Chrissy Owenby

Sept 17 - Sept 19, 2021

GMVN 50 for Young Men:

Director: Preston Fowler

Sept 24 - Sept 26, 2021

Database Information


If you need to update your database information, i.e. your phone number, address, or any contact information has changed, please email our database counsel person, Allison Eller by clicking here.

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