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Q: What is Vida Nueva?

Vida Nueva is a Christian retreat weekend designed to give the attendee a close encounter with God.

Q: What time is Send-Off?

Registration for Send-Off begins at 5:30 PM, with the event beginning at 6:30 PM. We encourage you not to arrive before 5:30 PM

Q: Where is Send-Off?

Send-Off is held at the Camp of Colors facility in Dahlonega.

Q: Where is the Camp of Colors?

The Camp of Colors is on Hwy 9 less than a mile South of the intersection of Hwy 52 and Hwy 9.  Look for the Cross.

Q: What time is Serenade?

We encourage everyone to be at the Camp of Colors by 6:30 PM

Q: What time is closing?

Closing begins Sunday at 5:30 PM.

Q: If a problem arises can I retrieve my child from the event?

Yes you may, the members of the GMVN council consider your child's safety and well being to be a top priority. In the event of an EMERGENCY  you may call the Camp of Colors (706) 864-0764 and speak to the GMVN Council Representative. We must say however that this is a cloistered weekend and if your child leaves they may not return for the duration of the weekend, they may however, attend the following weekend.

Q: What happens on a Vida Nueva weekend?

Everyone that attends a Vida Nueva weekend will hear talks by many people in the same age group, and also by licensed ministers. It is not a weekend to "treat" a child for a problem; it is a one-on-one experience with God that will forever change their life.

Q: Can I bring my infant or children that have not attended VN to events?

The GMVN Council requests that no childern attend Send-Off, Serenade, or Closing. The Parents or Guardians may however attend the Closing.

Q: If my child is attending the weekend may I come to the Serenade if I have been           through Tres Dias or a similar weekend?

No...It is held as a tradition in Vida Nueva that the parents cannot attend serenade. The main reason for this is your child might feel intimidated or lose sight of what the weekend is about...them and God. Relatives other than parents and guardians may attend if they have attended a similar weekend.

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