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 Your Responsibilities as a Sponsor

By agreeing to be a sponsor, you are undertaking a tremendous responsibility.

Before you approach a potential candidate, please pray for God to instruct you in the way to approach them and to give you the proper words to say. If you are not the candidate's parent, also pray about how to approach the parents.

When a person has expressed an interest, take time to explain the purpose of Vida Nueva.

Then you may submit the application:

To comply with Vida Nueva policy, your candidate must be at least 15 years of age and no older than 20 years of age by the first day of the weekend. 


Your candidate's application will be given priority on the basis of the post marked date or the date received if submitted in person. Should your candidate decline a written invitation to attend a weekend, a new application will be required for them to reapply to attend a weekend.

For the weekend:

Ensure that the VN Application is fully completed and appropriately signed.

Ensure the $100.00 weekend fee for housing and food is paid at "Send-Off".  If your candidate is unable to pay the weekend fee or you intend to pay the weekend fee, please advise us as to how you would like to handle it.  We do not want inability to pay to be a reason for not attending, but please make every effort to pay whatever possible.  There are no VN scholarships.

Palanca - As a sponsor, it is your responsibility to arrange for and deliver all Palanca for your candidate to the weekend and to make sure that it is properly marked.

  1. Letter Palanca - Explain to the parents and other close family and church   members, friends, teachers, and mentors that is is traditional for the candidates to receive "surprise" love letters from them during the weekend.  The letters for the candidate should not be discussed with him/her.  The candidate will be the only person to read the letters.  Deliver letters to the Palanca Box at the Send-Off or to the retreat center by Saturday evening.  Letters should be marked in the upper right hand corner with a (P) for Parent's letter; (G) for Grandparents; (S) for Sister; (B) for Brother; (F) for Friend.  You should also write a letter to your candidate.

  2. General Palanca - If possible, send some kind of General Palanca to the weekend.


Take your candidate to the Send-Off at the Camp of Colors and take him/her home after the weekend (if their parents will not be at closing).  Plan to be there by 5:30 P.M. on Friday for registration and check-in with the Pre-Weekend Couple.

Attend Serenade Saturday at 6:30 P.M. and Closing on Sunday afternoon at 5:30 P.M.   Please note, in accordance with VN tradition, parents of Candidates are not permitted to attend the Serenade.

Invite the Candidate's parents to attend "closing activities" on Sunday at 5:30P.M. even if they have not previously attended a three day weekend.  Pick up your Candidate's personal possessions and see him/her safely home (if parents are not at closing).


Advise the Candidate's parents that their child will return home Sunday evening.

Additionally, make sure that you have advised your Candidate of the following:

  • VN is a "cloistered weekend" and it is not appropriate to bring a cell phone, beeper, radio, CD player, or camera.

  • The Camp of Colors is a smoke-free environment.  Smoking is not permitted per Vida Nueva Policy.

  • Pack appropriately; including sheets, blankets or sleeping bag, pillow, towel, and toiletries.

  • Please consult the VN website at for other information.  For other questions, you may contact us at the link listed below.


During the Fourth Day:

Help your candidate find a Reunion Group. Attend Gatherings, Serenades, etc., with your candidate.  Being a Sponsor is a responsibility and a cannot be taken lightly!

Seek ways to help your candidate in their Christian Growth. Help your candidate to become more involved in their church. 

Most importantly, pray for your candidate and for Vida Nueva.

Additional questions? Please contact us.

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